Ascending Wellth with Cheryl Leigh
Ascending Wellth with Cheryl Leigh
Cheryl Leigh

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About Me

I'm a mom, certified functional health & corrective exercise coach, outdoor enthusiast and a DIY girl with a rather curious mind, especially when it comes to understand how people "tick".  Throughout my personal and professional experience, it's become my desire to help people find answers and solutions to those plaguing questions they tend to have about their health and wellness while setting them on their path to joyful, active and abundant living. 

Why You Should Join Me

Do you wonder why you hurt or just don't feel well?  Have you asked your doctor (or several) how to feel better but don't, or feel even worse despite a variety of treatments to manage your symptoms? Do you feel uninspired, confused or just plain defeated when it comes to improving your health and wellbeing?  I totally understand.

The two most common questions I hear are, "Why do I feel this way?" and "What can I do about it?".  Perhaps you've asked them yourself.  

This is the place where I intend to help you find answers while providing support and encouragement through a variety of topics, resources and exclusive content to help you gain clarity and implement ways to bridge the gaps between you and your health and wellbeing.  

With your participation, we'll work to improve your health and "wellth", learn to experience more enjoyable, vibrant living and create a community of empowered individuals looking to do the same. 

Ready to feel like you're on top of the world? Let's get started. Join me today! 

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